Welcome to AnyPO
Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction: Purchase Order Screen
Brief Introduction: Searching & New Purchase orders
Brief Introduction: Basic Program Set Up
Brief Introduction: Vendor Numbers
Brief Introduction: Stock Ordering Database - Ordering Products
Brief Introduction: Entering Extra Descriptive Info
Preparing the Program for Your Use
Complete Overview of the Main Purchase Order Screen
The Starting Point: The Purchase Order Screen
Purchase Order Screen: Purchase Order #, Vendor # and Drop Shipment
Purchase Order Screen: Status Indicators
Purchase Order Screen: Vendor, Ship To and Zip Code
Purchase Order Screen: Closed, PO Paid, PO Code, Discount
Purchase Order Screen: Alt PO Number, Job #, Arrive, Cancel & PO Date
Purchase Order Screen: Quantity Received, Date Received
Purchase Order Screen: Inventory Mode Button
Purchase Order Screen: Add, Place and Toggle Buttons
Purchase Order Screen: Item Area: Quan, Cat #, Unit & Price
Purchase Order Screen: Email and Phone
Purchase Order Screen: Discount and Less Discount
Purchase Order Screen: Terms, Taxable, Shipping Method, FOB, Ordered By
Purchase Order Screen: User Defined Fields
Purchase Order Screen: Notes, VC Center, Back Order, User Initials
Purchase Order Screen: Navigation Buttons, Calculate
Purchase Order Screen: "VC" & "Revised" Buttons
Menu Bar on the Main PO Screen & Other Menus
Menu Bar - Links to All Menu Functions
Speed Menus
Using Window Menu
Purchase Orders: Working Procedures
A Short Introduction to the Purchase Order Screen
Basics: Saving, Moving, Creating New PO's
Adding New Purchase Orders
Moving from PO to PO
Void Purchase Order
Saving Purchase Orders
Add or Edit Purchase Order Message
Back Order Functions
Change Background Color
Change Tax Rate
Clear All Blanks
Insert Job Account Code (Into the Item Area)
Setting Up Your Own Job and Account Codes
Purchase Order Code
Tax Codes
Terms Field - For Coding or Attachment Purposes
Copy & Paste Addresses, Copy Entire PO, etc.
Copy Billing (or Shipping) Address to Clipboard
Copy Entire Purchase Order to Clipboard
Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo
Zip Paste and Copy
Address Copy & Paste
Paste From Vendor, Stock or Shipping List
Currency Conversion
Designate as Non-taxable Item
Drop Shipments
Filtering, Counting & Locking PO's
Count Purchase Orders
Filter Purchase Orders
Locking Purchase Orders
Generic Mark-up Calculator
Open and Closed Purchase Orders
Pocket Calendar
Refresh Purchase Order Screen
Searching and Finding PO's
Advanced Search
Basic Searching
Find Purchase Order from Look-up List
Shipping Charges and Shipping Weight
Shipping Method List
Item Area on Main Purchase Order Screen
Alternative Product Entry Screen
Calculating A Discount When You Know Only The Total
Calculating Totals
Copy Items
Delete Item Row
Discount & Less Discount
Entering Products On The PO
Look-up Dialog Box
Entering Job or Account Codes in the Item Area
Basic Program Set-up: General Information
Basic SetUp: Alt PO Number Page
Basic SetUp: Basics Page
Basic Set-Up: Business Address Page
Basic Set-up: Colors
Basic Set-up: Dates
Basic Set-up: Department
Basic SetUp: Email Set-up Page
Basic SetUp: Miscellaneous Page
Basic Set-up: Networking
Basic Set-up: Sales Tax
Basic SetUp: Shipping Address Page
Basic Set-up: Telephone & Internet
Basic SetUp: User Defined Fields
Basic SetUp: Use With AnyBook/AnyOrder
Stock (Product) Database & Related Features
Stock Ordering Database Screen: General Information
Stock Pop-up List
Mark-up Calculator
Vendors Database & Vendor Related Features
Vendor Information Database Screen
Contact Manager (for Vendors)
Pop-up List of Past Vendors
Pop-up List of Vendor Numbers (Vendor Database)
Vendor Command Center
Vendor Database Emailing Module
Vendor Numbers: General Information
Vendors Without Numbers
Importing Products or Vendors
Vendor Import
Vendor Import Profiles
Product Import
Product Import Profiles
Printing, PO Graphics, Translating PO's
General Printing and Printing Purchase Orders
Printing Purchase Orders: More Options
Batch Printing
Address Adjustment for Windowed Envelopes
Graphics on Printed Purchase Orders
Language Translation
PDF Files
Printing Envelopes
Secondary Print Engine
Reports, Report Generator & Exporting Functions
Built-in Reports
Report Generator - Overview: 1st Screen
Report Generator - Creating Profiles: 2nd Screen
Report Generator - Other Options: 3rd Screen
Report Generator - Replacement Tables: 4th Screen)
Report Generator - Final Step
Creating Your Own Reports
Visual Index: Spreadsheets Created by Built-in Reports
Export to Clipboard
File Types for Exporting
Email & Phone Functions
Email: Internal Email System
Auto Email
Email Screen
Open Internal Email
Email Approval - Preparing the Program For
Send Email For Approval
Address Book
Company Specific Communication
Email: External Email Programs
Email and Websites
Email Export
Emailing Options
Advanced Phone Dialer
Modem Initialization String
Modem Test
Phone Dialer (Basic)
Trouble Shooting Modem Problems
Using the Windows Control Panel to Determine Your Modem Port
File Functions - Backing Up, Restoring, Maintenance
Backing Up Files
File Maintenance: Deleting, Reindexing, Compacting, etc.
Local Back-up & Restore
Files Created and Used by the Program
Restoring Back-up Files
Network, User Access Levels & Approval Systems
Setting Up the Network
Network Activity Log
Network Lock
Network Save
Network Suggestions
Common Data Directory
Setting Up the Administratior, Users & User Access
Program Administrator
Set-up Users & User Access
Change User Password
Approval Systems
Approval Systems
Special Approval Dialog Box
Tools for Approvers
Originator Notification
Email Notification & Approval Dialog Boxes
Departmental & Main Office Configuration
Department Set-up
Incoming Queue
Move Requisitions to Head Office
Storing Old PO's & The Mailing List Module
Mailing List Module
Mailing File Details
Move Purchase Orders to Storage
View Purchase Orders in Storage
Trouble Shooting Problems & Error Messages
Data Execution Prevention
Fonts, Garbled
Using AnyPO With AnyBook or AnyOrder
Quick Run-down: Integrating AnyBook or AnyOrder With AnyPO
Basic SetUp: AnyBook/AnyOrder
Check Inventory Level
Create Drop Ship Orders
Viewing AnyBook or AnyOrder's Product Database
System Requirements, Installing, Updating, Moving, General Info
About the Developer
Help System
Latest Information & Helpful Links
License Agreement
Program Limits
Registering the Program
Installing or Re-installing the Program
Moving AnyPO to a New Computer
Exchanging Data Between (Not Networked) Computers
Removing the Program
System Requirements
Appendix - FOB Information
FOB Information

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