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Idaho Paddler's Website: a supplemental resource for users of the book Guide to Idaho Paddling.


Paddling Map Booklets

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(If you don't have a copy of Guide to Idaho Paddling)


We have a series river map booklets. They were created from 7.5 minute USGS maps. Included in the booklet is a vicinity map (useful for driving to put-in & take-out locations), river notes, and other helpful information.


Idaho Paddling Map Booklets


Map booklets - Accompanying Guide to Idaho Paddlilng



The maps are legal size, full color, high resolution PDF's and can be printed on a home printer or at a photocopy/office supply store.


All in all, it's an nice package that you can slip in a map case or ziplock bag and take on the river with you.


If you have purchased a copy of Guide to Idaho Paddling, you can access the booklets for free here.


If haven't purchased Guide to Idaho Paddling, we also make the map booklets available at a nominal charge of $1.50 per river segment (or $4.50 for combination packages).


Here are the currently available maps:


Priest River - Outlet to Dickensheet Campground - More Info

Priest River - Dickensheet to Big Hole (Chipmunk Rapids Stretch) - More Info

Priest River - Big Hole to McAbee Falls - More Info

Priest River - McAbee Falls to Priest River Park - More Info

Priest River - All above 4 segments combined into one package


Moyie River - Copper Campground to Twin Bridges - More Info

Moyie River - Twin Bridge to Meadow Creek Campground - More Info

Moyie River - Meadow Creek Campground to Moyie Reservoir - More Info

Moyie River - All above 3 segments combined into one package


Select the maps you need from the list below. After paying you'll receive an email with a link to download the map.


Note: until we get an automated response system put in place, we will be sending the map link to you manually via email, so give us a few hours to get back to you - but we will. We promise! If you would prefer to directly contact us, feel free to phone us at 208.232.6857 or send us an email at support@grc101.com.)


We use a secure, encrypted server through the PayPal system.  You do not need to have an account with PayPal.  A credit card works fine.)



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